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You had my heart and soul…

Summertime saaaadness.

(via queerbasanti)

Kiss me hard before you go.

(via queerbasanti)

Who will listen though?

(via queerbasanti)

The rebirth of La-Roux. Gone are the days of been there, done that, messed around. Take note.


The Seatbelt Crew!

Need I say more?

Fox is famous for shouting! #Agreed

Take note Noor Jehan this is how it’s done: Mikaal with Atiqa, Saba, and Bushra. So many aa’s!

Yeh ishq ki kahaniyan…

Meenaaaaaaaaaaaa… Aa gaya tera deewanaaaaaaaaa!

And if you don’t go, the devil will show… I feel it coming.